Do you like wacky expressive art? Well you’ve stumbled onto the right episode!

Artaku was lucky to chat with the cartoonist Dirk Erik Schulz aka Themrock! Dirk is one of the few artists actively putting out old school over the top cartoon images and we got the chance to pick his brain about that.  From growing up with censored cartoons, finding his path in cartooning, and what’s it like to be a cartoonist in Germany, our discussion with Themrock covers it all!

You can check out the episode on iTUNES or FEEDBURNER.  If you’re feeling like that’s too much mouse clicking you can always just stream the episode right here:
If you want to follow more of Themrock’s work, the dude has made it super easy for you.  Just check out his Tumblr page or follow him through DeviantArt at the links below:

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