Dude. Seriously. We have got a great episode for you!

Artaku was lucky enough to be able to chat with the amazing photographer Jaime Ibarra.  As one of my personal favorite artists that I follow it was really cool to chew the fat with him and chart about his unique out look on his own work and what he considers to be good photography.  From his early days of drawing, to becoming a musician, transitioning into being a graphic designer and then finally discovering photography listening in on his journey is truly fascinating.

You can check out the episode on iTUNES or FEEDBURNER.  If you’re feeling lazy you can always just stream the episode right here:




If you want to follow more of Jaime’s work, the dude has made it super easy for you.  Just check out his DeviantArt page. I’d highly recommend looking up his personal website where you can purchase some of his tutorials or sign up for his classes.  You can find the links below:


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