Getting into digital painting can be intimidating.  The multitude of software choices & hardware is overwhelming. When you have to actually learn how to use of of that tech… it’s easy to feel that’s its all to much to take in. Thankfully the internet has kindly provided a insanely helpful resource for those looking to embark on their pixel journey of creativity.

Get down to the fundamentals

storeCtrl+Paint is a true gem nestled in the ever growing heap of digital art websites.  I took some time looking through their collection of video tutorials and was immediately impressed. What struck me about their approach is that they understood that the techniques that software offers are just means to an end.

Learning how to use layer blending mode to create neat effects is a cool and useful trick to know, but its not a skill. It’s a trick.  Like learning the keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop.  Definitely useful to make your workflow better. However what good is that knowledge if you switch from Photoshop to Autodesk Sketchbook?  More importantly, is that going to make your drawings better?

The true value of Ctrl+Paint

After taking a gander at Ctrl+Paint’s tutorials it’s clear that Matt Kohr has thought about this and put together an online resource that helps build art fundamentals just as much as program tricks.  When you finish following one of his 5 minute videos,not only do you understand how he made that drawing of a teapot you also know to take those skills and create drawings of anything you want.  The true value of Ctrl+Paint’s tutorials is the fact that it gives you transferable skills.


The best part of Mr. Kohr’s tutorial collection? It’s absolutely free!


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Go check out his website and definitely bookmark it for future reference