I was watching Evil Dead for the first time with my buddies from the Clash of Words podcast when Kyle remarked how cool it was to watch old school special effects.  He was right.  Watching Bruce Campbell run through the cabin being chased by monster in one shot without any cutting was impressive. As was the the all the camera tricks, stop motion and SFX that Raimi and his crew used to bring his campy horror film to life.  It often left us scratching our heads and asking “How’d they do that?”.


The grand daddy of old school effects is the original Star Wars films.  They elevated the craft to something that made all of us believe in a galaxy far far away.  You were right there with Luke as he flew down that Death Star trench.  You were sitting at that cantina bar trying desperately not to stare at the fantastical creatures around you lest you’d yourself in a tussle.  I swear, you could almost smell the grease of Han solo’s Millennium Falcon.


The SFX that ILM did on Star Wars did more than just give us pretty visuals to look at.  They created a world so believable we completely bought into it.  They did this all with craft, skill and passion that is only rivaled by the crew behind Lord of Rings. Thankfully some kind souls have posted a few videos showing off some of the skills and technique that went into making the classic trilogy.  Take a gander at some of the videos below and enjoy!