Windows 10 was made available earlier this week and all the tech blogs are all a tizzy about the new features like Cortana and Virtual desktops.  I’ve been playing around with the new OS on my Surface, and like those bloggers, I’ve definitely been sucked  in with coming up with weird questions for Cortana to answer (Ask her if she knows Clippy. You won’t be disappointed!)


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But one cool feature that’s been added to the new version of Windows hasn’t really been mentioned on other sites.  Baked right into the system is the ability to screen record anything you’re doing on your desktop. At first that might not seem like a big deal, or kind of a useless feature.  But as a casual Youtuber that sometime posts drawing videos, it’s really cool that I don’t need to download a third party app to capture my time in Photoshop or Manga studio. With Windows 10 all I have to do is call up the record option in the action bar and I’m good to go.


Just a useful tip if you’re planning on recording and posting your digital workflow!